Springs Karate & Fitness martial arts training.

Springs Karate & Fitness martial arts training

Springs Karate & Fitness teaches Shorin Ryu Seibukan Karate, an international martial art system originating in Okinawa, Japan. Our Chief Instructor, Jeff Cooper, is licensed directly from the International Seibukan Headquarters in Okinawa to instruct and promote members in Seibukan Karate. Sensei Cooper began his martial arts training in Shorin Ryu 1974 (in the Chibana Sensei Lineage) and has been a Shorin-Ryu Seibukan instructor for the past twenty years.

Our top priority for you is individualized, high-quality instruction. We accomplish this by providing you personalized attention and small class sizes. Our curriculum emphasizes power, strength, and agility in your body; and concentration and determination in your mind.

Your journey will be a stepwise progression toward physical mastery, mental clarity, and black belt excellence, all at your own pace. Classes start with dynamic warm-ups then progress through the fundamentals of physical training: powerful stances, flexibility, offensive and defensive striking and kicking. Also included in your training are pad work, sparring exercises and real-world application of the techniques you learn. Free sparring is on a voluntary basis and always under direct, instructor supervision.

As an added benefit, members of Springs Karate & Fitness are welcome at Seibukan Karate schools within Colorado, throughout the United States, and around the world. You will also have opportunities to attend seminars and workshops taught by internationally recognized master instructors.

In order to keep our class sizes small, we limit the number of available memberships so reserve your place today!

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