Junior Karate will help your child:

Learn the importance of family and the value of mutual friendship.  From personal relationships to social interactions, by virtue of the structure and order inherent in our program, your child is immersed in an atmosphere where they develop mutual friendships and respect for all;  their seniors, their peers, themselves, and their juniors.  Conduct in the dojo (training room) will shape your child’s behavior and become part of their personality.

To focus and listen.  Our program teaches your child to be an astute listener, thereby increasing their attention span and dramatically improving their ability to focus on the task at hand.  As a result, they will excel in both academia and physical fitness, priceless attributes for future success.

Properly defend themselves.  The greatest use of martial art as self-defense is to disarm your opponent psychologically, the first choice.  In the event that is not possible, rest assured that your child has been taught sound applicable techniques repeated four to five thousand times per month before their first belt test resulting in quicker reaction times.  As training continues, the number of repetitions increase causing their techniques to become extremely fast and powerful.